Legal assistance exists to permit real persons with insufficient resources to obtain their legal rights.

Legal assistance applies in all subjects. Nevertheless, in penal matters, it can only be given to the civil party.

In order to benefit from legal assistance, means that the State will take care of all specific fees for the procedure (lawyer fees, expert fees, bailiff fees…)


Legal assistance is attributed to persons who have an annual revenue during the existing year which is inferior to 20,000 euros.

This amount takes into account, applicable in the case of, correctives for family expenses.

Legal assistance requests are requested directly at the Courts Administration Service (known as au greffe général in French) in writing.

The request must specify the subject of your case that you are requesting legal assistance for.

Legal assistance is refused to persons who are clearly devoid of all legal rights to act or where the Monegasque jurisdiction are not specialised in.


The request for legal assistance is accompanied by documents that attest to your resources, to the current estate of the requester, including all relative justification items relative to your eventual individual or family expenses.

In fact, your revenue will be taken into consideration depending on the individual or family expenses imposed on the person claiming assistance and will be based on the items you produce for your request.

The person claiming at the same time should produce all documents useful to attest to their resources or by default a signed attestation noting the state of his current estate.

They should equally indicate if they benefit from an insurance contract for legal protection. In this case, they must produce an attestation from the insurer mentioning that this protection is not covered in this instance.

The request form for legal assistance form can be obtained from the Secrétariat du Parquet Général at The Palais de Justice 5, rue Colonel Bellando de Castro. Telephone : 98 98 88 11


Requests for legal assistance are examined by The Bureau de l’Assistance Judiciaire.

Once your file is handed in, The Bureau de l’Assistance Judiciaire will exam your request and give its decision to you directly:

  • If you obtain legal assistance, you will have no legal costs to pay
  • If your request is rejected, the decision is justified and the conditions of reappeal will be mentioned.