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Victim of domestic violence

Victims of Domestic Violence within your family, in your couple (punches, threats, psychological violence...), married or not, with or without children and whether the violence is old or recent

It can concern the following:

  • Contempt, insults, swearing, blackmail, threats, consequences, locked up against our will, isolation
  • Punches, injuries, cuts, burns, fractures...
  • Deprivation of money, autonomy or freedom
  • Confiscation of identity card, birth certificates or bank card.
  • Forced sexual acts (rape), sexual attacks

You can talk to someone

You can contact at anytime the following:

=> Social Services at la Direction de l’Action Sanitaire et Sociale

=> The Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association, who can propose to you the following:

  • Help, understanding, psychological assistance, support
  • Information concerning your rights
  • Possible emergency accommodation for you and your children

In a situation of danger you can always, without you being in the wrong:

  • Leave and find refuge at your friend’s home, within your family, in a women’s refuge centre or reserve a hotel room
  • Bring your children, even minors, with you
  • And as soon as possible assemble all the elements proving the violence that you have suffered (medical certificates, witnesses...)

Don’t stay alone

Contact rapidly:

  • The Police at 9 rue Suffren Reymond at 93 15 30 15
  • The Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association at 93 25 00 07
  • Social Services at la Direction de l’Action Sanitaire et Sociale at 98 98 82 55
  • A doctor
  • A lawyer
  • Or the General Procurer in writing

You can press charges

With The Police at la Direction de la Sûreté Publique.

You should press charges immediately after the attack, this will enable the justice system to take measures immediately to ensure your security and that of your children's.

Upon your request, a copy of your complaint can be given to you. This could be very useful for you afterwards. This complaint sets in motion a legal procedure and can lead to a criminal conviction of your attacker. Even if you do not have a medical certificate, this does not prevent you from pressing charges. It is strongly advised though that it is best to obtain one.  If you are married, the law allows the possibility for you to obtain from the Judge an eviction of your violent spouse from your household.

At the moment of your attack

Call 17 for Police-Help (Call 112 using a mobile phone)

And if necessary, call 18 for the Fire Department for an ambulance

As soon as possible

Go in person to see The Police at la Direction de la Sûreté Publique, 9 rue Suffren Reymond

And also consult a doctor

Obtain a medical certificate