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Victim of an offence

To be considered a victim legally you must meet two conditions, under the first, that the facts committed must constitute an offence and under the second, that the victim must have suffered damage which concerns them directly.  The damage must be certain and established at the moment when the accusation is made.

In fact, under law, all persons who suffer damage, that means such damage as (loss of property, loss of their job, a non-respected contract, unpaid rents…) are not considered victims of a criminal offence.

You have suffered damage:

  • Corporal: Concerns attacks to your health or physical attacks (injuries, physical pain etc.) by a person.
  • Moral: Concerns psychological damage (anxiety, psychological suffering, etc.)
  • Agreement prejudice: Concerns damage resulting in the deprivation to perform certain daily life activities and pleasures (Impossibility to continue doing a sports activity, etc.)
  • Material: Concerns loss, damage to material property following an offence on your furniture or property.
  • Indirect: Concerns material or moral damage that is caused by the death or damage suffered by a relative.

The person responsible for committing a criminal offence which can include:

  • A fine: excessive noise at night, insults in private, light damage
  • A crime: a robbery, fraud, sexual or moral harassment, violence, involuntary homicide...
  • A crime: armed robbery, rape, terrorism, voluntary homicide...

You can talk to someone

You can contact at any time the Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association at 93 25 00 07, who can propose to you the following:

  • Help, psychological assistance, support,
  • Information concerning your rights

You can press charges

So that your attacker answers for his crimes legally and to obtain compensation

Contact immediately:

  • The Police at la Direction de la Sûreté Publique - open 24/7 (9 rue Suffren Reymond) Telephone 24/7 at 93 15 30 15
  • The General Procurer by post at the Palais de Justice, 5 rue Colonel Bellando de Castro
  • The Examining Magistrate

Bring a civil action against your attacker

It is recommended that you bring a civil action against your attacker. So that, your lawyer can be informed of all elements in your file and the proceedings of our case.