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You are a victim If...

You were attacked, raped, hit, injured, hurt, knocked down by a car...,

Your child has been bullied...

The law permits you to act using the justice system to assert your rights and compensation for the damage that you have suffered.

In order to be considered a victim legally you must fulfil two conditions, firstly, that the attack committed constitutes an offence and secondly, that the victim has suffered damage against them personally.

The damage must be certain and established at the moment the accusation is made.

In fact, under the law, all persons who suffer damage, meaning damage such as (loss of property, being fired, an non-respected contract, non-payment of rent...), are not considered as victim status of a criminal offence.

You are a victim if you have suffered damage

  • Corporal: Concerns attacks to your health or physical attacks (injuries, physical pain etc.) by a person.
  • Moral: Concerns psychological damage (anxiety, psychological suffering, etc.)
  • Agreement prejudice: Concerns damage resulting in the deprivation to perform certain daily life activities and pleasures (Impossibility to continue doing a sports activity, etc.)
  • Material: Concerns loss, damage to material property following an offence on your furniture or property.
  • Indirect: Concerns material or moral damage that is caused by the death or damage suffered by a relative.

You are a victim if the person responsible for committing a criminal offence which can include:

  • A fine: excessive noise at night, insults in private, light damage
  • A crime: a robbery, fraud, sexual or moral harassment, violence, involuntary homicide...
  • A crime: armed robbery, rape, terrorism, voluntary homicide...

How to prove that you are a victim

By obtaining a medical certificate by a doctor or from the Emergency Department at the Hospital which are specialized to exam you.

The medical certificate must state your identity, your testimony, a precise description of your injuries, lesions or traumatism that you have suffered and their compatibility with your declarations, the physical and psychological consequences of your recognised injuries (number of days or months of Total Work Incapacity).

Total Work Incapacity is the period during which you are unable to live normally. This is evaluated by the doctor but it is not considered as sick leave.  It is necessary to evaluate the damage suffered and the eventual compensation.

All documents must attest to material damage and the costs involved: work contract in the case of loss of salary, bills concerning estimated compensation costs.