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  • <span>We are available </span>to help you

    We are available to help you

  • <span>Welcome and support</span>Call us at 93 25 00 07

    Welcome and supportCall us at 93 25 00 07

I am a victim...

The A.V.I.P. Association

The Victims of Offences Help Association, A.V.I.P., abbreviation in French, was created in July, 2014 under the law no. 1.382 of July 20th, 2011 corresponding with the prevention and suppression of specific violence.

How to prove that you are a victim

During the denunciation of the facts, your explanations must be clear, precise and complete and you must gather together the maximum amount of proof in order to show the existence of a criminal offence and damage.

Who can I turn to

In a difficult situation, you are not alone and there are several measures at your disposal in order to help you, guide you and accompany you.